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Web Hosting & Management

State of the art hosting technology combined with local KC customer service.

Savvy Edge Technologies is proud to offer a range of hosting services that can accommodate any budget, ranging from basic hosting services for those that can handle the technical aspects of their website, to all inclusive packages that include web development and management!

Hosting Specials!

By purchasing the gold or silver plan, and pre-paying for two years of service, Savvy Edge will provide 20 hours of upfront development time at no cost. For many smaller websites, this covers the entire cost of building the initial site.
By purchasing any plan, and prepaying for one year, you receive a discount equivalent of one month of service.

Why Host With Savvy Edge?


  • Most hosting companies use an older technology called Apache. We employ a superior server technology called Litespeed. What does this mean for you? Websites hosted on a Litespeed server load six times faster than websites on an Apache server!

  • At Savvy Edge, customers come first. When emailing support, you won’t get any auto- responders or links to standard FAQs. Your inquiry is answered by a real person, really fast!

  • When you work with a local company, you get local service and support.
  • We don’t overload our servers. The “big box” hosts are concerned with maximizing profits, thus it’s typical for them to cram as many websites as possible on any given server. Why is this bad? When another website on your server experiences a traffic spike, it brings down every other website that’s sharing that space. Since web hosting isn’t our primary source of revenue, we don’t need to employ these profit-maximizing techniques. We don’t fill our servers beyond 50% capacity, helping to ensure traffic from other websites don’t negatively affect you!

  • 99.9% uptime!
Limited bandwidth
Suitable for most smaller websites
Unlimited bandwidth
Email setup (up to 10 addresses)
Troubleshooting & Repairs
Free domain
All the features of the bronze plan, PLUS
One hour of billable time each month (a $50/month value, not accruable)
All the features of the silver plan, PLUS
A daily check of the site's health
Monitoring of the site's traffic
Personalized monthly demographic analysis